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Not all chocolate is alike

What is raw chocolate?

There is a lot out there about dark chocolate and its positive effects on your health. Though the difference between raw chocolate and what most people know as chocolate, that is the heated and processed kind, often with added sugar, milk powder and other additives, is rarely explained. Even though the cacao in dark chocolate is fantastic for your health there may be other things in your every day chocolate bar that you may not want to know about.
It is time to let the world know about the naked truth about real chocolate: raw chocolate!

So, give it up, tell me the truth about raw chocolate

The cacao beans used in raw chocolate does not go through roasting or processing at high temperatures, but is instead dried. This way all the incredible nutrition from the cacao bean remains intact.
The entire process from bean to bar is gentle, so the finished product is much richer in nutrition such as vitamins minerals, anti-oxidants and other healthy substances in every bite.
Our raw chocolate is made with completely natural and organic raws, without any fuzz.
That’s why we dare call it a real chocolate.